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sorry, honey. exciting news. t.j. told us there were two rescue dogs in an undisclosed location that needed saving but would only be saved if nicolle got 1500 twitter followers. i thought this was terrible and cruel. that's a picture of wn of the rescue dogs. she's at 1577, the dogs live. >> which is so great, because i love dogs. >> why don't you tweet about it. >> i will if you show me where the button is. >> okay. hang on. >> dr. nancy wrote one, joe wrote the other. >> hold on one second. hold on here. i'm sure chuck won't mind. okay. hold on one second. i'm going to tweet this for you. okay. very good.
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chuck todd, we're really sorry. we'll see you tomorrow. the dogs live, though. you saved the dog's live. there is a rescue cat in hoboken, we really need to get to 5,000 by the end of the day. we'll talk to you tomorrow. an epic 55 seconds. egypt arrest the muslim brotherhood spiritual leader, a move that could shake up the situation, the ousted president in jail and predecessor may be set free. ted cruz tries to lead republicans in a deflating drive. his canadian connection takes center stage. he's ready to renounce it. more boxing day for him. overnight vice president joe biden's son beau in a houston hospital after disorientation
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and weakness. the latest on this troubling news this morning. good morning from washington, tuesday august 20th, 2013. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. lets get to the first read. we start overseas. former egyptian president hosni mubarak could actually be free in a few days. egyptian security forces arrested the spiritual leader of the muslim brotherhood, mohammed badie and his deputy, who was already in custody, will go on trial later this month for their alleged role of the death of protesters outside of headquarters in june. after scores of detention of top leaders, this morning the brotherhood has appoint add new figurehead. ousted president mohamed morsi remains under house arrest for a 49th day. this morning mubarak's lawyer tells nbc news his legal team is submitting a petition in court tomorrow requesting his release. they are 99% sure that he's actually going to be free even if just temporarily. nearly 1,000 egyptians died since security forces raided
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pro-morsi camps. on monday human rights watch called that crackdown, quote, the most serious incident of mass unlawful killing in modern egyptian history. white house officials made it clear they have no intention calling morsi's ouster a coup, publicly hedging on whether the administration plans to suspend aid to egypt. >> that review is ongoing. that review is being made in light of actions that are taken by the interim egyptian government. >> is it fair to characterize the president is still considering officially calling this a coup as part of the aid review process? >> no. >> ruled this out. >> we've said for sometime now -- >> you'll never refer to it as a coup. >> we've concluded that is not in the best interest of the united states to reach a determine aggies on a coup. >> meanwhile "daily beast"
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reports they have placed aid on hold. quoting a spokesman from senator leahy. his understanding is that aid to egyptian hirlt has been halted as required by law. lay hey confirms the same to nbc, the senator's understanding is military aid has been suspended. the white house in another denial denial denial pointed to yesterday's on camera statements. here is the thing, one person's aid is under review is another person's aid has already been suspended. bottom line, no money is mooching out the door right now. the white house finds itself in a tough position. on monday they said if they cut off, they will make up the difference cutting off leverage they might have. saudis the largest contributor to $12 billion aid package they have pledged since morsi was ousted. yesterday chuck hagel all but admitted suspending aid won't help. >> this is a very complicated
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problem. our ability to influence the outcome in egypt is limited. it's up to the egyptian people. and it will be their responsibility to sort this out. >> the white house wants a seat at the table rather than watching from the sidelines and completely cutting off aid would mean watching from the sidelines. at the same time the administration doesn't want its hands tied by congress because there's growing discomfort on capitol hill the white house is not punishing english. a poll says it's better to cut off military aid to egypt to put pressure on the government. 26% say it's better to continue aid to preserve influence. but look at this, 4-1 margins, egyptian military better fit to lead the country than the muslim brotherhood. it's like the same box the president finds itself in. overall the the president has not been tough enough responding to violence. just 6% say too tough.
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12% say the response has been about right. small d democratic values have not been upheld that bothers people. future policy is unclear. more development that has to be a concern to the white house. turk, prime minister erdogan, on-again-off-again ally, linchpin for u.s. policy to work in the region is accusing israel of being behind morsi's ouster. the idea of erdogan using h hyperbole. he's been the staunchest defender in the middle east so far. meanwhile pictures of a 70-year-old muslim brotherhood leader in custody are all over sociomedia this morning and it's making a bad situation more tense on the streets of cairo. so lets go to the streets of cairo where ayman joins me now.
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>> it has raised the stakes again after the military arrested the leader of the muslim brotherhood, mohammed badie. he had an arrest want out. senior members are still on the run. they do have arrest warrants out for them. the fact he was taken into custody and somewhat paraded on a private media channel here is certainly going to anger his supporters. the reason being, obviously, is the fact it was in a kind of inhumane way. the fact he was paraded on television to say he had been in the custody of the military is certainly going to rub people here the wrong way. the organization are going to announce there is a temporary new leader to the organization. in fact, one who is a much more hard line member of the organization than the man he's replacing.
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you can expect the organization is going to take a turn to a much more tougher stance in the coming days. that may lead to more violence you indicated. chuck. >> ayman, any response from what is how the united states has been reacting to this? you heard chuck hagel yesterday. is any of this resonating with the current leadership of egypt? >> well, the egyptian government has repeatedly said this was an internal matter. this was a war on terrorism. in fact, general assisi, the man who removed morsi addressed senior officers and police. he thanked every country who has stood by egypt throughout the course of the last several weeks, saudi arabia, gulf countries. he did not mention united states, largest supporter of egyptian military, no mention whatsoever of the u.s. position or the u.s. role. that certainly did catch people here somewhat by surprise. the egyptian government has been ascertaining this is an internal matter, it will resolve its
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differences internally. it was not up to any powers to intervene in its domestic affairs, chuck. >> ayman, we talked earlier, it's not news he's somebody who will blindly throw out accusations with not a lot behind them. sometimes this is about domestic politics. clearly there is almost no relationship with the current egyptian ruling class and turkey at this point. is that correct? >> that's absolutely correct. the turkish government, in fact, with drew its ambassador from egypt and egyptian government did the same from ankara. the two countries had a very sour relationship since this ouster of president mohamed morsi. the turkish government is led by islamist party, similar to the muslim brotherhood here. they share a lot of ideological similarities. turkey was a huge supporter of mohamed morsi investing a lot. the fact he was removed from power certainly has rubbed the turkish government in a very wrong way.
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they have been among the harshest critics of what is happening here. in fact, suggested the matter should be taken up at the united nations. they are definitely not holding punches when it comes to criticism of what is happening in egypt, chuck. >> finally have to ask about mubarak. these reports have been all over the map. what would be the legal reason why he would be released. >> tomorrow is the final hearing he has on several cases he has been charged with. tomorrow they have a decision to make, should mubarak stay in prison until his trial or be released? the bottom line, the way the judges have interpreted so far, he's a man in prison for two years. he's faced charges, some have acquittal, some face legal proceedings. he does not need to be in jail. tomorrow's hearing is the final hurdle whether he will be released. if the judge decides mubarak does not have to be in prison,
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that doesn't mean he's acquitted of any wrongdoing, it simply means he can go home and come to court when he needs to be. the presence of mubarak being released, the image after two years is going to rub people the wrong way and stoke the fires of anger, unite revolutionary groups on the street in 2011 calling for his approval. >> ayman, there's a lot to keep track of and i know you're doing it with very little sleep, thank you. >> we'll bring you more throughout the hour. this story is developing all the time. we'll have more first read coming up, including a look at 2016. blame canada looking to 2016 ted cruz announces he'll renounce his connection to our northern neighbors, while in this country his effort to defund the health care law continues to deflate. we'll explore. filner's future. if we reached the end of the line for the embattled mayor.
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attorney general and son of president joe bind is undergoing
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a series of tests in a texas hospital this morning. he began feeling weak and disoriented after driving to indiana for a family vacation. he was treated at the university of chicago then by his own doctor in the university of fill. he was discharged and is at home. he reportedly is feeling fine but is hoping this latest round of tests will determine what is causing these episodes. i'm told the most recent episode is not the first one. this is not the first health care young biden had, he suffered a mild stroke in 2010. vice president biden traveled to texas to be with his son today. no word on how long he will stay. the assumption is all of these tests will be done today and they hope to simply get an answer. our prayers go out to bo and his family. much more ahead on will "the daily rundown." tea party in hot water. first major gamut by conservatives, the effort to defund health care law is going
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nor. republican establishment not getting behind this. break down both sides of the fight. more of this morning's first read is coming up next. meanwhile there's a new presidential pet in town. first lady tweeted last night, quote, so excited to introduce the newest member of the obama family our puppy sonny. one-year-old portuguese water dog, same breed as barack obama. they named her sunny because it fits her cheerful personality. they expect sunny to follow in the footsteps. same breed add bo. only to live in the white house during two different administrations. first to tweet@chucked to and @thedailyrundown. in washington if you need a friend get a dog. if you need same friend, apparently the president said get a second dog. we'll see you in a minute. vo: two years of grad school.
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lead. mike lee circulated a letter calling on senate to shut down if health care isn't defeated. the letter has 12 signatures. they hold another town hall meeting in dallas today, it's worth noting their call to defund the president's health care law that gone nowhere. demint kicked off a tour in arkansas telling reporters sim bholic votes for health care reform are not enough. >> this is an urgent time to stop what we think is a very destructive law. what we want is for washington to hear loudly from across america that they want this
9:22 am
thing stopped. >> this morning the conservative group of for america singling out a handful of senators who declined to sign onto lee's letter saying, you fund it, you own it. call them chickens in a series of online videos. heritage action will spend $500,000 to target 100 house republicans in online ads that have the slarp message. despite all the sound and fury, the effort to defund the health care law has hit a wall. last night wisconsin governor scott walker became the latest republican to criticize his own party on this issue. >> do you make the point as senator jim demint says or stay away from shutdowns. >> shutdowns are not a good move at all. i think most americans are center right like we are and want limited government but want a government that works. i don't want hate government. i hate government that's too big and doesn't work. we need to show we can through reform make things work. >> meanwhile republican leaders on capitol hill, minority leader mitch mcconnell, john boehner,
9:23 am
eric cantor not on board, neither are conservative centers, home state colleague john cornyn protecting his right flank against 2014 challenge on this issue says no sale. >> we're all on the same side when it comes to the objective. there is some difference of opinion as to the viability, the likelihood of success of this particular tactic. unfortunately the president won the last election. he's not likely to sign a piece of legislation that would repudiate his signature legislative pleasurement. >> two reasons it's not catching fire. one, the votes aren't there, especially senate and white house. two, a shutdown over obama care is the democrats best opportunity to upend the ammel cart that currently favors gop. first major gambit of tea party to go nowhere. is this a sign they fear them
9:24 am
less or see this as a classic example of deciding it's better to fight the tea party tiger on this one issue than jump off a cliff. shutting down the government over health care would be jumping off the cliff into the political unknown. tonight demint and cruz try to energize with a massive town hall in dallas. they will be preaching to the choir. speaking of ted cruz, texas senator doing everything to make himself a viable candidate. heading to new hampshire earlier this year, being the face of defunding health care laws is good politics for him. latest example the texas senator released a statement saying he would renounce his dual canadian citizenship after releasing his birth certificate to the dallas morning news made the most of it on a radio monday morning appearance. >> i suppose the fact that the "new york times" is this hysterical after my only having been in office about eight months, maybe that's a sign we might be doing something right. i was born in canada. my mother is a u.s. citizen.
9:25 am
she was born in wilmington, lived most of her life in the u.s. i'm a citizen by birth. those are the facts of my birth. i'll let other people worry about the legal consequences. >> as to whether cruz is eligible to run for president as we learned from a deep dive we did three months ago, most legal analysts we consulted say he is and no judge would likely entertain a case challenging cruz's eligibility until he took office because that's when somebody would have standing. once you get there, what court is going to hear it. bring in the gaggle lois ram ano and contributing writer for roll call, nathan gonzalez. want to start with defunding of the health care law. two months ago we thought about immigration. that didn't happen. then we thought, okay, probably about health care. there's been some rumblings about health care. what's interesting here is this tea party push has hit a wall.
9:26 am
>> well, because it's doa. basically you have kifconservats practical in congress who say we can't win this, why are we using capital. even if we were to get it past, the president will veto it. we need 67 votes to overturn the veto. it ain't going to happen. we look bad and we suffer a big defeat. >> watching cruz be the face of this movement. mike lee, the intellectual brainchild, ted cruz grabbing it and he's the splashing -- chief marketing officer, mike the ceo when it comes to intellectual firepower. is cruz hurting this movement? a response to him personally. not even establishment, some republicans aren't big fans. >> probably be viewed keptically if it was mike lee being this
9:27 am
torch carrier. >> wouldn't get as much attention. >> wouldn't get as much attention from us. you've got republicans up there who experienced the 1990 shutdown, and they know how the politics of that work. they understand practically because there's a democrat in the white house, there's no way they can defund obama care. so i think it wouldn't have mattered that much. is cruz viewed in a, what's the old saying, minimal high regard. >> that's a pretty good turn of phrase. >> by some of his colleagues? absolutely. chuck, none of those guys up there would have wanted to shut down the government because they know the politics of it. it wouldn't have mattered -- >> it's having to me. is mitch mcconnell going to pay a price. first challenger. we see what they are trying to do. is heritage frustrated this has gone nowhere, going to say, you
9:28 am
know what, lets stick it to them and see if we can make them pay a price. >> there's a disconnect in washington, some republicans who had a previous shutdown and got blamed for it. i know we met with a congressional candidate who is running in a competitive republican primary. defund was a big message point. i'm sure it's a big applause line. back when they did these candidate forums. there is a potential this will be a deciding issue in republican primaries where there's little distinction between the candidates. defund or not -- they don't care. shutdown, there are people who don't remember the previous shutdown and they think they can thread the needle and win and blame the president. >> the sort of candidate weighing and activist and government weighing of the party. i was at a conference and talked to folks like the governor of wisconsin, no moderate he. they don't want to shut the government down because they
9:29 am
understand the impact on their states and the economy in their states. >> you don't care. lois, what's interesting is watching the evolution of scott walker. just in general. he is -- here is somebody who is popular with the tea party. when he went to iowa, he got as good a crowds as anybody has gotten for a first trip in iowa because he was a guy who took the fight to the unions and all this stuff. but he's also making a governing pitch. you don't hear that from some others. >> they saw what happened in the last election. they don't want to drive off a cliff. we're looking at the next generation of politicians. this is the first time the republican party has put forth a whole new crop of people. >> they really are. >> walker, cruz, rubio, christie on the older end. people forget. >> i was actually surprised to see he had signed up with cruz on this. >> right. >> i think he's been trying to kind of straddle that line between practicality. >> should we be a total cynic on
9:30 am
rubio. my theory on rubio, he got such a comeuppance on immigration he was looking for a quick way to repair his image with some in the base. >> there is no question he's trying to remind conservatives he's a down the line conservative. >> watching ted cruz and canada stuff, i'm thinking south park boys are going to have fun with this. canadian and trying to renounce canadian citizenship. is he being too quick on the trigger here? does it look almost rude? >> it's a funny game. no question ted cruz wants to be president of the united states one day. >> 100% clear to us. >> i don't know he knew he was going to get this much attention this quickly. >> taking two trips to iowa, going to new hampshire. >> before that. he was getting attention before he went to iowa. he was almost being pushed in that direction. >> sure he's being pushed. come on. >> too quick on the trigger. >> he's canadian. you love canada.
9:31 am
>> it will hit people wrong. >> he has dual citizenship. it not like he needs to worry about that. >> ted cruz's focus is not on diplomacy with ottawa. >> dual citizenship between israel and the united states would he be renouncing that? that wouldn't be good politics. >> next segment. >> there you go. all right. are we destined to be fighting over fiscal issues forever. deep dive, upcoming budget battles in washington and whether we're heading for another fiscal cliff. one of the smartest guys on budget you can possibly get on this issue, i promise. somebody you don't see enough. watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc. [ male announcer ] if you've run out of tissues and considered other things...
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you don't need to be clairvoyant to predict gridlock when congress gets back to work next month, all nine days in september. could the country be headed toward another fiscal cliff? let me explain, a deep dive, more likely scenario for
9:35 am
washington. it's one not a lot of people reported on. stan, a man who helped craft the budget on both sides of capitol hill, knows how this works better than anybody. first, here is what we know. once lawmakers get back, the smallest of windows to come up with a plan to fund government before it shuts down. neither side advocating a shutdown on the leadership ends but split on spending. they want to raise spending caps set by sequester. republicans say no. >> we now have a debt the size of our economy, which makes us look a lot like greece. there's much left to be done to get our financial house in order. but boy, you don't make any progress in that direction by signaling to the american people you're not serious about things you already agreed to do on a bipartisan basis. >> so are we really headed for a government shut down? stan says it's possible, maybe even probable. not only are republicans and democrats on different pages,
9:36 am
republican leadership can't get together with their own rank and file on this issue. complicating matters further, what to do on the health care act and address the debt ceiling also looming once again. >> shutting down the government just because i'm for keeping it open, that's not an economic plan. threatening that you won't pay the bills in this country when we've already racked up those bills, that's not an economic plan. >> all right. so what's the solution. predicted short-term spending revolution that funds the government through, say, mid november. but he argues that's just the beginning. quote, that first short-term c.r. then most likely will be followed by a combination of a second continuing resolution and debt ceiling suspension that only lasts until the middle of january so that all three fiscal deadlines, government funding, debt limit and sequester come together. guess what, it's a new fiscal
9:37 am
cliff that only will roil markets and politics again. another day in the life of u.s. congress. stan as i've been telling you is an expert on the federal budget and one of the few people who worked on the staffs of the house and senate budget. for years he wrote the guy and currently director of financial communications, still writes a great weekly column. stand joins me now. stan, you paint add bleak picture, which is why i wanted to bring you on. it was a picture based in reality. explain the inertia factor basically a couple months at a time. >> the biggest thing -- by the way, good to see you again. it works for a lot of people compared to alternative of having to take tough votes. you've got the tea party play to its own base, the republican mainstream as you discussed with your panel trying to figure out how to deal with the tea party and democrats sitting back and saying we're not going to help you the way we did before, that
9:38 am
is providing votes for things you can't pass on things like debt ceilings and continuing resolutions. so you've got -- i'm not calling it fiscal cliff anymore. that's too academic. i'm calling it a recipe for budget bedlam. or give you a new one, fiscal fiasco. >> i think the public is there. it seems in the reporting i've done, you quietly hear there's bipartisan agreement to get rid of at least some of the sequester, so it does seem as if there's room for compromise somewhere. the republican leadership knows debt ceiling is a political loser. they also know trying to defund the president's health care law is a political loser. if they all agree on sequester, what is it republicans are going to have to get in return to get rid of some of those caps? >> the answeres there may not be anything to satisfy rank and file in the republican caucus to do that. that's the problem. the republican leadership isn't in control of its own caucus. you've seen over the last
9:39 am
several months speaker boehner get rolled on a variety of legislation, ag bill, transportation bill, not because of democratic opposition but opposition in his own party, where spending cuts were too much for some or not enough for others. i've got to tell you if you want open warfare, civil war, try to see boehner suggest the sequester be canceled or cut back to get enough democrat votes to do something and he may not be speaker beyond that point. >> stan, i want you to explain something in layman's terms i had a friend of mine who is a nuclear engineer and talks about the complaints all of his bosses have when they have a continuing resolution that gets passed that dictates their funding levels versus an actual budget and how that actually costs us money. why do continuing resolutions, even if they are the same amount of money that an annual budget would be, why does it cost more money? >> the simplest way to put this, continuing resolution may be the
9:40 am
stupidest way to budget you can possibly imagine. continues everything from the previous year but doesn't give agency or department the right to start anything new, plus only lasts for a short-term, short period of time. under those circumstances, during that period you don't know whether it's going to be changed, whether the amount you ultimately get is higher or lower so it creates a level of uncertainty that makes it impossible to manage. what you've got to keep in mind, chuck, is that managing programs is not what's most important to congress. it's the political benefit of voting for or against something. whether a program is poorly managed is no concern whatsoever. >> that seems to be. are you of the mind-set watching these sort of -- we move to the abyss of chaos and pull back at the last second. do you think ultimately the scenario you described which ends up moving sequester, debt ceiling and budget and moving that expiration to after the new year sometime in january, is that actually a recipe to force
9:41 am
a grand bargain, or is it just a recipe to find a way out of it with minimal political impact. >> let me state this as directly as possible. a grand bargain is a fantasy. no votes for it, take too long, tax reform would have to be combined with entitlement reform. that's a two- othree-year effort, wouldn't start until after the presidential election. i think we're talking the end of the decade not congress before you see anything like a grand bargain. lets not talk about it anymore. >> giving three big fiscal deadlines, is it to force action it lasts more than a year. do you almost have to have this scenario you painted? >> you almost certainly do. everyone -- i'll tell you what house republicans have told me repeatedly, particularly tea party members. they want to go to the last minute. they think holding to the last minute gets them the best possible deal. you're going to see the same thing we saw the previous two years where they negotiate up until the 11th hour, maybe 11th hour and 59th minute, then
9:42 am
you'll see short-term deal to get you through the night. >> stan painting a bleak picture meaning lots of late nights. the question is, is it ruining thanksgiving, holidays or new year? that's the only thing we don't know. we just know something will get ruined. stan, thanks for sharing your wisdom with us. >> my pleasure. >> quick update on beau biden's health. the delaware attorney general tweeted this photo moments ago with the message, touched by all your well wishes. thank you. nice evening in houston with haly. we'll share an update when we have it. on the rundown, filner's follies, legal woes. is a resignation possible before the end of the day? don't be totally shocked. first, white house soup of the day, turkey lentil. we'll be right back. aren't healthy unless you actually eat them ♪ multigrain cheerios. also available in delicious peanut butter.
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to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for her, she's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. [ claira ] after the deliveries, i was okay. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again. more pills? seriously? seriously. [ groans ] all these stops to take more pills can be a pain. can i get my aleve back? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap. well, what's going on in san diego?
9:46 am
the embattled mayor is out of therapy and supposed to be back on the job. he's been spending more time in mediation than at city hall. here is what we know. mayor bob filner accused of making inappropriate sexual advances towards 16 women. one of the women is a grandmother. her lawyer gloria allred held meetings. calling for him to resign. a petition drive for recall. believe it or not there's a few vocal filner supporters out there. here is one of them. >> i'm appalled at the attacks against mayor filner by elements of what i can only describe as pure vindictiveness on the part of his opponents. >> we are going to stand behind him. we ask him not to resign. due process means that a victim is tried in court. not in the media, not on the streets. they have the opportunity to prove themselves.
9:47 am
this will happen also for the accusers and the victim. >> during those mediation talks, there seems to be some negotiation and idea of a resignation. our own joe friar in san diego right now. joe, about these reports that supposedly during this back and forth on whether he can avoid being charged officially with jl harassment, he's trying to use resignation to get out of these lawsuits. is that what you're hearing as well? >> hard to say at this point. everyone is tight-lipped. the city attorney's office, mayor's office isn't weighing in. resignation might be the only bargaining chip he has at this point. it will be interesting to see exactly what they are discussing and whether he's trying to use the bargaining chip to lessen the damage with all these lawsuits coming at him. here what is we know at this point, last night filner's car
9:48 am
was seen leaving the building where mediation was taking place. a couple hours before that attorney gloria allred emerged with one of her clients. she stepped up to the mike and confirmed mediation was taking place inside with the retired june. she would not comment on how it was doing or what they were discussing. city leaders are reportedly in there and that makes sense. all of these players have a key stake in what happens with any sort of settlement or agreement. at this point we don't know if any agreements were reached, are they going to return to mediation or will filner return to city hall today. he was supposed to do that yesterday but there was no sign of him here. chuck. >> joe, this threat of lawsuits, is there any way he could get charged with a crime in some form or somehow the city attorney would be charging him with some sort of crime. >> it's hard to say.
9:49 am
certainly we know in addition to sexual harassment allegations the city has been exploring whether there's any avenues for trying to remove filner. one possibility that has been brought up is whether an officer can be removed for misuse of city funds. there's been talk about whether a city issue credit cards were misused, that ld take more investigation. the possibility some in the city would explore want to look at that as an option to skip the entire recall process. at this point it's unclear he'll be charged with anything. >> we'll be watching all day today. maybe the mediation will lead to a resignation and san diego's own little political nightmare might be over. joe on the scene, thank you, sir. trivia time the only pet to live in the white house during two administrations was spot, the springer spaniel born to mom milly during george h.w. bush. spot later returned to the white house as bush 43's pet.
9:50 am
congratulations to today's winner, christopher grover. how about that somebody with the name rover in their last name wins the dog question. trivia suggestion. we'll be right back. but a hound dog crying all the time ♪ ♪ you ain't nothing but a hound dog crying all the time ♪ and it's #1 neurologist recommended. migraines are where excedrin excels. it's back to school time. and excedrin wants to make sure your child's school is equipped to help your child excel. purchase excedrin for a chance to win one of 5 $10,000 donations to your child's school. go to excedrin's facebook page to enter.
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you're looking at live pictures here, governor bob mcdonnell is talking jobs. it seems his his own is under. as separate attorneys now for both governor bob mcdonnell and his wife met with federal prosecutors to try to convince authorities they should be charged in the gifts probe that has dominated the state's politics. let's bring back lois and jonathan and martin. jonathan, you are from virginia.
9:54 am
eyebrow raising aspect to this story yesterday washings wow, the mcdonnell's have separate attorneys. it is clear they are no longer on the same page on what these allegations are about. >> when you thought remain couldn't be more remarkable development in the story -- by the way, we should credit "the washington post." >> we have been on this from the beginning. >> for the last six months reporting on this. it just keeps on going. the best mcdonnell has going for him he is a lame duck. it's now almost september. he is going to be gone in january. it seems like because of that, you don't see a big push to get him to resign. no impeachment being talked about. the real question now is legal jeopardy. is he going to see an indictment before he leaves? >> it's lear, lois, he wants to salvage a little bit of political dignity and doesn't want to get charged with some sort of crime and fighting that aspect of it but it seems at the potential expense of his wife. >> i think he is finished
9:55 am
politically. >> everybody -- himself right now. >> a lame duck. to be honest, i don't think it's that unusual to have separate attorneys in certain situations because they might have have divergent interest. i don't know what is going on in their home. >> exactly. all of a sudden that does raise another -- >> if, in fact, there is a trail and if she testifies as much that he didn't know any of that that he didn't know where the watch came from, although i'm sorry. if he didn't know that a rolex watch, you know, was coming in at $50,000, whatever. >> we know there are a lot of situations where steams people don't want to see. they don't look. what is interesting here this does have an impact on the governor's race in an odd way. bob mcdonnell, six months ago would have been a political asset to ken and now he can't use him and ken needed mcdonnell to be the bridge. >> you have ken distancing
9:56 am
himself from mcdonnell and you have the opponent running toward him. >> now it's thrown up -- you do wonder the unintended consequence and people don't like the two governor candidates right now, right? they will be upset by the negativity. >> low turnout! >> this is a tight race. let's face it, i mean, for temporary has got some personality issues and, you know, people didn't like him last time. so he has got to combat that and all of the attacking of cucinneli won't help. >> the cloud over ken is very tough, though, for republicans to overcome. >> shameless plug. >> happy birthday to my brother-in-law who even if he wasn't my brother-in-law, i'd still be his friend! >> fair enough. >> my great colleague jim rootenberg in the vowel section has a great love story about summer loving rekindled all of these years along.
9:57 am
>> my daughter has 4.0 in her economics major. very proud! >> that's it for this edition of the daily rundown. great to see griese and shula at the white house today! coming up next, richard lui anchors for chris jansing. bye-bye. the end.
9:58 am
lovely read susan.
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